Services by Group Investment in India

Providing the BEST INSURANCE SOLUTION for you and your family, Company, Trust, Mall, Hospital, Financial & Educational Institute, ETC.

  • Specialties in General Insurance Policy
  • Best plan Combination & Financial solution/ planning as per your requirement
  • Handling of Individual & Corporate Accounts, Tax Planning, Income Tax return
  • Calculate your Human Life Value
  • Free Nutrition camp & Consultants
  • Fixed Deposit & Mutual Fund Investment
  • Property Consultant (HDFC REALTY)
  • When you become our prestigious customer, you will get:
  • Realistic and truthful information about your Lic insurance policy
  • Providing You with the current status of your old policies & selected Lic policy
  • Addition and deletion of nominee assignment in your Lic policy document
  • Ecs for your policy premium so that you never miss out your premiums
  • Addition and deletion of address in your Lic policy document
  • True forecast on rate of return on your Lic policy
  • Investment in new high return scheme (Pension, Fixed Deposit, Bond & Mutual Fund)
  • Maturity & Survival benefits claim cheque clearance through proper channel
  • Death claim cheque clearance through proper channel
  • Email reminders for other important proceedings.
  • Helping you REVIVE your lapsed policies if any.
  • Getting LOANS on your current policies in case of financial need.
  • Helping you HOME LOANS & POPERTY Search on your financial need.

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